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Im Johnson Ong, Male, 23 year old. I was born with eczema since birth, 3 years ago my eczema has become so severe I have to consume oral steroid twice a day. The steroid last for 12 hours, once it has passed, my skin started to become hot, red, flake and extremely itchy, that I need to take another dose to stabilize my condition. It affected my entire body, primarily my face that is most severe. This problem has affected my life. I was forced to discontinue my University at my second year and gave up my Degree certificate. During this period of time, I have been consuming steroid to suppress my condition so that I could work for medical expenses.

I’ve tried many different types of treatment including western skin specialist, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, vegetarian & juice diet, Gerson Theraphy (咖啡灌肠), all kinds of supplements, even drinking holy water etc. All of it that I used tens of thousands of dollars and got no better. At last, I was introduced Yuan Shi Dian by my mother. I was skeptical at first and does not believe in the method because it has many areas that oppose the conventional medical approach. I have no choice but to try it as my final resort. My confidence gain when I saw many different testimonials showing people with even severe skin problem and has recovered. 

By then, I started to seek for help from facebook page and do my own research. I started drinking ginger water, use ginger water to bath at least twice a day, and apply ginger paste on oozing areas. I can see great improvements, but once the skin is healed, it started to come back again later. I was thinking there must be something that I’ve missed that is preventing me to recovery fully. At 16th of February, I got the opportunity to go to China, Foshan YuanShiDian center for a 10 day stay. It was the best decision I made in my life to go there. I’ve learnt how to implement Yuan Shi Dian in a very complete extend, and these are the things that I’ve overlooked that has been preventing me from curing. They implement Yuan Shi Dian concept 24-hour, from the time u wake up until the time you go to bed. These are the things that I’ve learnt from Fo Shan and would love to share:

1. Drinking thick ginger water

2. Warm therapy (Wen-fu)

3. Exercise

4. Press-push massage (An-tui)

5. Warm-Hot Diet

6. Sleep early

7. Good emotional condition

8. Eating vegetarian

Thick Ginger Water: I started with 200g of ginger, later slowly increased to 500g. I use 10 bowls of water cooked to 4 bowls and drink throughout the day. Use high heat and boil the water for 1 hour, then low heat to brew for another 2-3 hours and keep warm throughout the day. I did not drink mineral water at all in 10 days period, only ginger water and do not feel thirsty at all. I cook ginger for the second time to gargle, wash face, wash hands and bath.

Warm Therapy: I purchased an electric mattress and use it during my sleep. During the day, I use red bean bag whenever I can. I find it very important, areas that I have covered with the bean bag heal faster and do not itch much.

Exercise: Every day at 6.30am, they will have a group stretching exercise for 30 minutes to 1 hour. It covers the entire body from head to toe. Later on before lunch or dinner, I will jog or climb stairs for 1 hour every day.

An-tui Massage: I An-tui every single points because I have eczema on my entire body. The center only allows to do once a day as the points are allowed to recover. After An-tui, it is a must to immediately put on red bean bag as it is the prime time for the body to absorb the heat energy.

Warm-Hot Diet: The meal times are fixed. 7.30am Breakfast, 12.00pm Lunch, 6pm Dinner. All dishes are cooked with chili, ginger or pepper. Every meal is hot and spicy and it is vegetarian. Fruits are not allowed.

Sleep early: Early rest is important. Adequate rest helps to regenerate a lot of heat energy, while sleeping late will deplete a lot of heat energy. Usually I go to bed at 11pm.

Good emotional condition: Emotions are one of the overlooked aspects. Healthy emotion are crucial to  speed up the recovery process. Refrain from being too excited/ angry/ sad. Worker in the center will encourage every patient by sharing testimonials and conduct classes/videos every 7.30pm to guide patient towards emotional balance.

Eating Vegetarian: Although meats are neutral, but the center refrain patient from eating meat due to many meat has been injected with many kinds of growth hormones, hence will harm our health.


Final Word: Every single detail is important and must not overlook, I understand that Yuan Shi Dian is a lifestyle that helps to cure and also maintain long-term good health. It’s been less than a month and I can see great improvements day by day. I am totally thankful to Dr. Chang for inventing Yuan Shi Dian that has helped countless of people in fighting all kinds of illnesses. I would like to share a word from the founder of Fo Shan Yuan Shi Dian center, Tian Ai Min Lao Shi (田爱民老师) : "If you want to recover, you MUST understand Yuan Shi Dian’s CONCEPT (观念), if you do not understand, you will never recover. The only way to understand is to read the handbook for many times, and also to watch all the videos by Dr Chang over and over again. Yuan Shi Dian is self-dependant.













我叫Johnson Ong男性, 今年23岁, 自出生以来就有湿疹, 三年前更见严重而需每日口服类固醇两次, 一次维持12小时, 药性过后皮肤就会又红又热又薄,而且特别痕痒, 一定要服用药物才可控制病情! 我是全身性的, 面部最严重, 这影响到我的生活, 我被迫在大学第二年停学, 放弃大学学位课程! 这段期间我能够工作赚取医疗费用, 都是一直靠服用类固醇控制病情!

已经试过多种疗法及药物了, 包括看皮肤专家, 中医, 阿育吠陀疗法, 生机饮食, 咖啡灌肠等, 也试过各种保健品, 甚至圣水, 花了数以万元也未见好转, 最后我妈妈介绍原始点给我, 首先我就是怀疑, 不相信, 因为它在很多范畴与传统医学相抵触, 但在没有选择的情况下只好最后一试了! 令我信心大增的是看到很多严重皮肤案例都得以康复! 我开始上网找资料, 又在面寻求帮助, 自己开始喝汤, 一天最少两次姜水洗澡, 渗血的地方用姜泥敷, 看到有很大的进展, 不过皮肤好了一阵子, 又会复发, 心想一定是有什么地方出错或做不足的, 怎样才可以完完全全康复呢?

今年二月十六日, 有幸有机会到大陆佛山原始点中心逗留十天, 这是我人生中最明智的决择! 我在那学会了一丝不苟地采用原始点处理, 这是我以前忽略了而未能完全康复的原因, 他们是24小时处理实行原始点的, 由你早上起来到睡觉, 以下是我在中心学会而值此分享给大家!

1, 喝浓姜汤

2, 温敷

3, 运动

4, 推按

5, 温热饮食

6, 早睡

7, 良好心态

8, 素食

浓姜汤: 我开始是200克鲜姜, 慢慢加到50克干姜,十碗水煮剩四碗整天喝, 首先高火一小时再慢火2至3小时, 保温整天喝, 在这十天完全没有喝矿泉水, 只喝姜汤, 一点儿也不会觉得渴, 第二轮姜汤就用来漱口, 洗, 洗澡!

温敷: 晚间睡觉就用电暖毯, 日间尽量用红豆袋温敷, 这个很重要, 因为只要是红豆袋包着温敷的地方复原也较快, 也比较不痒!

运动: 每早六时半起床, 全组人做三十分钟至一小时的伸展运动, 运动到全身由头到脚趾, 午饭或晚饭前, 我会慢跑或爬楼梯一小时!

推按: 因为我是全身性, 所以每一点都要推按, 中心只每日做一次, 因以要时间让其康复, 推按完, 即时红豆袋温敷, 这个是身体吸收热能的黄金时段, 所以十分重要!

温热饮食: 每日用餐时间规定为早餐7:30am, 午餐12:00pm, 晚餐6:00pm 所有菜式都加入辣椒, 姜或胡椒, 每一餐都是温热的素菜, 不吃水果!

早睡十分重要: 适当休息可帮助增加热能, 迟睡热能会流失, 我是11时就睡觉!

良好心态: 情绪管理是我疏忽的一环, 心情愉悦可加速病情康复, 克制自己不要过份兴奋, 嬲怒或伤心! 中心人员鼓励患者分享自身案例, 每天7:30pm有讲课活动及播放视频, 指导我们平衡心态!

素食: 虽然肉是平的, 中心禁止我们吃肉, 因为很多动物都被注入过激素, 激素对身体有害!

后结: 每一个细节都太重要了, 都不能忽略, 我明白到原始点是一种生活方式, 帮助我们防治疾病, 帮助我们拥有长远永久健康的身体! 一个月内我就能有此成绩, 看到自己每一天都在进步, 十分感激张医师研发的原始点, 帮助无以为计的患者处理各种疾病!

现在让我来分享佛山田老师的一句话: 如果你想康复, 你一定要清楚原始点观念, 否则你永远没法好, 唯一方法是阅读原始点小册子无数次, 一而再, 再而三地观看所有原始点视频, 因为原始点是自助自救的!

分享: Rowena


















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